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Thinking of relocating to Costa Rica?

If you have found our International Relocation page, chances are you are considering a move.
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Welcome to Costa Rica

You may be one of thousands currently considering Costa Rica as a place to relocate to – whether it be for the winter months, a few years, or to permanently call it home. Either way, Costa Rica Welcomes YOU!

No matter your age, background, travel experience, family life, financial situation, or plan…when you relocate to another country, there are shifts which take place.   You land in on a breeze, feeling like this is “IT” for you! You go to the beach, up into the mountains, trek through the rainforest, drinking in all the culture, the sounds, and the song of your new backyard.

While Costa Rica has much to offer, it’s not for everyone. And for those who do relocate, the unfortunate reality is, many do not get past the transition point and end up repatriating to their home country or move on to another. You are considering, or have already chosen, Costa Rica for a variety of personal reasons. 

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You’ve chosen a particular spot, built, bought, or thinking about renting – all for your personal reasons.  Each person’s story is unique as is their transition to living in this amazing country! While you can certainly go onto a multitude of forums to ask questions and advice from other expats…their answers may not fully address what you are looking for – what you need!

Blogs, vlogs, forums, international reports, social media platforms, etc.…are all valuable resources.  However, sifting through the serious, the absurd, people wanting to sell you something you did not ask about, or even the humorous (and not so humorous) opinions shared…it all takes time. Wouldn’t you prefer to be at the beach?

There IS Another Option!

Choose to speak to someone whose only agenda is to help you determine if moving to Costa Rica is the right move for you at this time. Through a variety of questions and discussions, you will be given tools and information to help you determine whether relocating to Costa Rica is something you should seriously consider.  So many expatriates pull up all their roots, sell or ship their belongings, buy/build, try to settle in, only to find out within a short period of time that Costa Rica was not what they imagined it to be for them. Living in Costa Rica looks and feels much different than a vacation – no matter how many times you’ve visited!

If you determine relocating is still your plan, you can then choose to do what you can to ensure your move is successful! Align yourself with an international relocation team who has already relocated to Costa Rica with family. A team who has 30 years of combined experience in relocating individuals globally.  We have aided individuals with everything from household goods moving, schooling, settling-in, temporary living, furnishing their new space…along with everything in between!

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International Relocation Solutions

Let us take the stress out of your relocation!
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